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How to get the best service from the surgery

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At Rockliffe Court Surgery we constantly strive to improve the quality and care of the service we provide you. This is increasingly hard to do in the face of the rising demands on our service.

Often this demand is totally invisible to our patients. While you may see how busy our staff are when attending an appointment or waiting in line to speak to reception, the huge rise in administration is hidden. Our GPs now spend many more hours a day processing blood and scan results, hospital letters and general enquiries than even a few years ago. A lot of the hospital administration is now delegated to the surgery on top of our own workload.

To help us to be as responsive as possible to your health needs we have taken the following steps.

We have:

  • Taken on two new nurse practitioners Lynfa and Vikki to complement Janet our existing nurse practitioner. This will mean it is easier to get appointments.
  • Started using e-consult which is accessed through our website.
  • Set up the opportunity to access your full medical record through system online so you do not have to contact us to get results and hospital letters.
  • Started a new text message service that allows you to cancel appointments via text or app.
  • Arranged reception training in signposting to use locally set up pathways to make sure you see the right professional for your health need.
  • We now use accuRx which we can text you on and you can reply. It means you can have a convenient conversation with your clinician without having to ring or attend the surgery.

To help us please:

  • See a nurse practitioner when this is offered by reception – often you will be reviewed by a GP at the end of your consultation so you will see a GP faster than waiting for a GP appointment.
  • Use e-consult especially for administrative questions to avoid hanging on the phone line.
  • Register for system online, to request prescriptions and view your results.
  • Give as much information as you feel comfortable to give when phoning us so you can see the most appropriate professional.
  • Ring the hospital secretary to get results of hospital tests.

Surgery Opening Hours

Monday 08:30-18:00
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Saturday Closed
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Our phone lines are open 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday

* Please note pre-booked appointments only between
07:30 and 08:30.

We are occasionally closed for
Protected Learning Time (PLT).